The Jam About The Young Idea

The Jam are arguably the most successful of the bands who emerged from the Punk explosion that happened in the UK during 1977. They had more number one hit singles in the UK than any other band from that era and had a loyal following that remains to this day. This was the first time that Paul Weller had agreed to take part in a documentary about the band, as he says he’s a Mod he looks forward he doesn’t look back. But for this film along with his band members Bruce Foxton and Rick Buckler he recalled their journey from their formative days in Woking up to their shock split in 1982 at a time when the band were at their commercial and creative peak.

When we started making the film we decided we not only wanted to tell ‘The story of The Jam’ but also the influence they had on the lives of a cross section of their loyal followers. This is the opening sequence from the film that leads us into Paul Weller introducing himself and telling us how he and Steve Brookes first had an idea of forming a band. Paul Weller has a reputation for being a bit spiky but he was great company and seemed to enjoy the process of making the film.