Lou Reed Transformer

This film -made as part of the Classic Albums series- looks at Lou Reed’s Transformer Album. Lou is notoriously difficult, and when we turned up to film he didn’t want to talk about the Transformer album, or any of the songs on it. Lou’s suggestion was that we should be making the film on his Metal Machine Music album. With much persuasion he eventually agreed to talk about Transformer and play sections  from a number of the songs on the album. One of the songs he agreed to discuss was ‘Walk on the Wild Side’. We were also lucky in that we were also able to interview a number of the characters that Lou mentions in the song.

Even though Lou was difficult, I am pleased I was given the opportunity to make the film and spend time with him.  When were finished filming he told us ‘you guys have been a pure pleasure ‘ so i guess at the end of the day he enjoyed it too.